Cheap auto insurance in Alberta: 3 Providers You Should Consider

Cheap auto insurance in Alberta

In Canada, Alberta has the third-highest cost of auto insurance. But it doesn’t imply you have to overspend to locate trustworthy insurance. So, how to find the Cheap auto insurance in Alberta?

We can assist you if you’re looking for the most affordable auto insurance available to drivers in Alberta. Over two dozen auto insurers’ performance was assessed on a variety of factors, including cost and accessibility as well as customer satisfaction and financial stability, and they were then graded. 

A separate ranking of the five most populous cities in Alberta’s vehicle insurance companies with the lowest rates is also available. Last but not least, we have clarified a few key points of Cheap auto insurance in Alberta and provided advice on how to save up to 60% on your subsequent auto insurance.

Find the Cheap auto insurance in Alberta

Cheap auto insurance in Alberta
Cheap auto insurance in Alberta


The fourth-largest auto insurance provider in Canada, Desjardins, unquestionably lives up to its name as a low-cost auto insurance supplier in Alberta. It is Alberta’s least expensive insurance provider at $129 a month. Therefore, you can trust Desjardins to offer a good deal if you’re seeking for automobile insurance that’s affordable.

Desjardins, however, is not simply a smart choice for shoppers who prioritize cost. Due to its 5-year new car substitution coverage, it’s also a fantastic option for people with more recent vehicles. If your car is totaled within the first five years of ownership, this insurance will reimburse you for the cost of a brand-new car with the same make and model as yours, less the deductible. 

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Financially, Desjardins is also doing pretty well. It was given the top “AA1” rating by Moody’s and the reliable “A+” rating by S&P. This is hardly surprising given that it is one of Alberta’s biggest car insurance companies. This outcome demonstrates that when you make a claim, Desjardins will uphold its half of the contract. 


One of the few insurance providers in Alberta that provides coverage for both ridesharing as well as carsharing is Intact. If you drive for Uber, you’ll be delighted to know that Intact offers personal lines coverage options in addition to an Uber ridesharing policy that covers you from the moment you accept a ride until you drop off the passengers.

On the other hand, Intact Automobile Insurance Company in Alberta has you protected if you choose to use Turo, a peer-to-peer online automobile rental service.

By connecting you with people who have an interest in renting your car, Turo enables you to convert the time your car sits in parking into money. Simply schedule the pick-up and drop-off times that are convenient for you by.

The fact that your car will always be protected by both your personal auto insurance as well as Turo insurance is impressive. 

Intact is available to more people than simply Turo and Uber users, though. It is one of Alberta’s top insurance providers and provides all drivers with a variety of advantages. For instance, Intact provides you a generous 10% premium discount if you drive an electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle. 


Do you favor dealing with an agent over buying vehicle insurance online? If so, Sonnet might be the ideal choice for you for the Cheap auto insurance in Alberta. It includes a well-designed, quick quoting tool that enables you to purchase the desired coverage in a matter of minutes. This insurance boasts an attractive, user-friendly, and educational website in addition to a clever quoting mechanism.

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However, Sonnet excels at more than just making auto insurance in Alberta more straightforward. The Preferred, Essential, and Ultimate package plans, which together should be able to cover the demands of the majority of Albertans in terms of auto insurance, were another feature that greatly delighted us. 

Additionally, you can quickly remove the coverages you do not need because each of its coverage policies is totally adjustable.

Factors in Alberta that Affect the Cost of Auto Insurance

Cheap auto insurance in Alberta
Cheap auto insurance in Alberta

Your car insurance premium is determined by a number of factors. The top seven elements are as follows: 

  1. Driving past – When determining your future performance, auto insurance providers look to your driving past. Expect to pay extra if you’ve got a history of violations or tickets. Since insurers cannot use your historical data to determine your risk, a lack of insurance previously also raises costs. 
  2. Where you drive is a factor that Canadian auto insurance providers consider when determining your price. Urban locations typically have higher insurance costs due to a higher prevalence of accidents and auto theft. 
  3. Age – Although it might not seem fair, age is a crucial ranking component. Teen drivers are subject to higher insurance premiums because insurers consider them to be hazardous. Depending on your driving record, car insurance rates start to decrease at age 20 and then start to raise again around age 70. 
  4. Make and model of the car – Alberta insurance firms will offer a higher premium to account for prospective costs if a car is more expensive to replace or repair. Newer cars and sports/luxury cars typically have higher insurance premiums, especially if you choose collision as well as comprehensive coverage.
  5. Auto insurers dislike it when you have a lengthy history of claims. Such drivers are viewed as particularly hazardous, thus they are subject to higher rates.  
  6. Usage – In general, the more frequently you drive, the more likely it is that you’ll be in an accident. This is taken into consideration by insurers when calculating premiums.
  7. Coverage limit – In the event that all other factors stay the same, you will need to fork over more money for greater coverage or lower deductibles.
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How to Maximize Discounts to find the Cheap auto insurance in Alberta

Taking advantage of all available discounts is the best approach to find the Cheap auto insurance in Alberta. When you request a quote online, the system automatically takes into account all the available discounts, making this simple. 

However, keep in mind to ask your agent or broker to include all applicable reductions in your quote if you are purchasing insurance via them. 

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