Top 4 Best Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults

Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults

As drivers go from adolescence to early adulthood, the factors that affect vehicle insurance prices alter. Discounts for good grades could soon be a thing of the past, but drivers who have kept clean driving records and decent credit histories are likely to find themselves paying reduced premiums as they go past their teens and early 20s.

Look at our ranking of the best cheap auto insurance for young adults to get a cost-effective plan that meets your needs.

The best cheap auto insurance for young adults

While the cost of auto insurance is a significant consideration, young drivers should demand more from an insurance provider than just a low cost. Different insurance providers provide their clients with varying degrees of service and satisfaction. Some insurance providers provide extra benefits to teen drivers, like accident forgiveness as well as roadside help. Here are the top five best cheap auto insurance for young adults.

Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults
Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults


USAA is ranked first in our list of the best cheap auto insurance for young adults in the nation. Along with offering young folks low-cost vehicle insurance, USAA has a stellar reputation among its member customers for its claims processing and customer service.

In our review, USAA has the best rates for young adult drivers. A male young adult driver with a USAA auto insurance policy might anticipate paying $1,280 annually. According to our data, a woman of her age earns an average of $1,219 each year. Both provide discounts of more than $500 when compared to the typical costs for this age group seen in our analysis of the top insurance providers in the country.

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State Farm

In our ranking of the top best cheap auto insurance for young adults, State Farm takes second place.

Although State Farm’s premiums are less expensive than the national average, young folks shopping for insurance will probably discover that they are not the lowest ones available. 

The yearly coverage rates for the young adult female driver in our research are $1,381, while a man’s policy will cost $1,537. When compared to the average rates for this particular age group offered by the 10 companies in our analysis, those research rates are $377 and $323 less expensive, respectively.


Geico holds a tie for third place in our list of the best vehicle insurance providers. Our research shows that Geico has some of the most affordable prices among the businesses we rated.

For young adult driver profiles, Geico is among the most affordable insurance providers. Our study suggests that a young adult male driver can anticipate paying $1,357 per year and a young adult female driver would pay $1,346. However, everyone’s rates may differ based on a variety of circumstances. 

For our young adult driver profile, the research rate for the male is over five hundred dollars below the national average, while the study rate for the female is more than $400 below the average across the country.

American Family 

In our ranking of the Top Car Insurance Companies, American Family is ranked at position 10. Despite its position, the insurer does provide some drivers, notably young adults, with competitive rates.

For a policy from American Family, a young adult female driver can anticipate paying an average rate of $1,617 year, or $141 less than the general national average. When compared to the national average, a male driver of the same age will be paying an average yearly fee of $1,663, saving him $197.

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Young Adult Discounts on Auto Insurance

There are various potential auto insurance reductions that will disappear after you leave your adolescent years and into your early twenties. You won’t be able to take advantage of the student discount for new drivers or the money you saved by having outstanding grades. Additionally, you won’t be eligible for any savings on your parent’s multi-car policy as a covered driver. While some businesses offer discounts due to being a good student to college students, these reductions stop once you graduate. 

Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults
Cheap Auto Insurance For Young Adults

Package of policies

Young drivers, however, may be eligible for several vehicle insurance savings. The largest discount you might be qualified for is the multi-policy discount. When you insure your car with the same firm that handles your renters’ or homeowners’ insurance, the majority of insurers will offer a sizable discount. If you combine your insurance with those of your spouse or common-law partner, you can be eligible for a multi-line discount or a multi-vehicle. But you should think about if their driving history, credit score, or the features of their vehicle would raise your premiums. 

Membership savings

Affinity discounts are provided by auto insurance companies to members, staff, or consumers of particular organizations. Young drivers may be eligible for discounts provided to members of vehicle clubs (like AAA), credit unions, businesses, or the military, for instance. Customers who work in particular professions, such as first educators, responders, and nurses, may qualify for special savings from some insurance carriers. 

College grads should check with their institution’s alumni office to determine if they have any connections to insurance providers. As a benefit of membership, several alumni associations give members access to affinity discounts.

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Employ a tracking gadget.

Customers who consent to have track and driving behavior-monitoring devices placed in their vehicles can receive savings from an increasing number of insurers. The trackers may also detect instances of rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and the frequency with which sophisticated safety features engage, which is advantageous to young drivers who don’t spend a lot of time behind the wheel. 

These tracking and pay-as-you-drive services are particularly advantageous to young adults who demonstrate good driving skills and minimal annual mileage. 


Any automobile insurance plan that is bought is tailored to the driver. Insurance companies take a number of factors into account when determining whether to offer coverage to you and how much it will cost, including your age, where you reside, your driving history, your credit history, and a plethora of other factors. The cost of auto insurance varies as much among drivers as do their driving styles.

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